Pottery Production Practices articles

Reprints of Articles written by Cameron Harman published in Pottery Production Practices Section of Ceramic Industry Magazine and copywrited by Buisness News Publishing Co. Their web site is http://www.ceramicindustry.com

Index of articles in the next few pages:

  1. Drying,the hidden step March 1999
  2. How can we determine if ur ware is dry enough? October 2000
  3. Taking your business to the next level  March 2001
  4. Why do I need a dryer? September 2001
  5. Reducing fiHow do I stop
  6. ring losses  December 2001
  7. drying defects in my tile? September 2002
  8. How do I stop blisters in my greenware? Why do I get blisters in al already glazed ware?  December 2002
  9. Why do Industruial kilns
  10. cost so much more than pottery kilns? March 2003
  11. When is the right time to purchase new equipemnt?  August 2003
  12. How do i know that a comercail dryer is a good investment? March 2004
  13. How tro reduce fuel consumption  August 2004
  14. A new prospective on cost  June 2005