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Presenting a new source for consulting with ceramic problems, particularly drying problems.

I have lived my life connected iwith the Ceramic Industry. My father was a professor of ceramic engineering, then, later, head of research in ceramics at major independent laboratories. I worked for a large ceramic conglomerate after graduation, then, later, for major engineering firms engineering ceramic plants and kilns. Eventually I founded my own kiln and dryer manufacturing company.


During all those years I continued to interact with ceramic plants and their problems all over the world. Amoung other things I found that almost no one building ceramic dryers really understood how ceramics dry.

I studied drying and eventually worked out what it takes to properly dry ceramics in a quick and efficient way. I used that information to design and build successful dryers for all kinds of ceramics


Now that I have retired, I decided to pay back to the inductry that served me so well over the decades and offer the highest quality ceramic consuting you could find.

Whether you are a new owner just starting out or an experieced ceramist, there are always troubling things that you need answers for. I am here to help you out of those situations. I do nearly all of my consulting on the phone (and electronically) and charge only for the time consumed. You will be able to get answers without having to pay dayly rates to a consultant to travel to your location to get information that an experienced engineer can get on the phone in a few minutes.


If you would like to learn more, why not give me a call? Cameron Harman 215-520-6345