About Us

About Us

Cameron Harman is a retired ceramic engineer. He has ben in the field his entire life. In fact his father was a former professor of Ceramic Engineering at the University of Illinois and his uncle was a ceramic engineer as well.

He has worked for larger ceramic conglomerations, kiln engineering companies and even owned his own pottery. Eventually he owned his own kiln and dryer engineering and manufacturing company. All of those work experiences caused him to face and solve many of the problems seen by any ceramic company. During that period of time he has both made and lost  money as a result of his own enterprises.

He has decided to pass on to others the path to success that he a has finally developed. In addition he will pass on to many of the solutions to common problems faced by those making ceramic articles. Hence, this company was founded to do just that.

Cameron hopes that you will benefit from his years of experience and his efforts to learn the basics of operating a small business and sorting out ceramic problems.

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